Incubate Conference 2013 September 19 & 20, 2013 @ Hall of Fame, Tilburg NL
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    October 25th, 2011BarryConference

    At the Incubate DIY conference 2011, English punk legend Steve Ignorant was interviewed by writer and BBC commentator John Robb. John Robb writes for The Observer, The Guardian and The Independent and will interview Ignorant about DIY, Crass” and Ignorant”s aesthetic and his autobiography The Rest is Propaganda.

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    Ignorant co-founded, together with Penny Rimbaud, the anarcho-punk band Crass. With Crass, Steve Ignorant was one of the driving forces of the Do-it-yourself movement, and therefore a major influence on the punk movement. Crass was one of the first bands to arrange their own concerts and record sales without interference from the music industry and asked fans to make their own merchandise.

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