Incubate Conference 2013 September 19 & 20, 2013 @ Hall of Fame, Tilburg NL
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    October 18th, 2011BarryConference

    We can”t thank our good friend Michael Azerrad enough. His keynote speech at this years conference was inspiring to say the least. Probably the most talked-about, after the succesfull conference. Now you can watch it as well. In our best fashion, here”s

    Michael Azerrad. Don”t forget to buy his book!

    (NB: We apologize for the small audio hiccup between 8:00 and 10:30 minutes)

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    September 28th, 2010erikConference

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    After the videos of Charles Leadbeater at Incubate Festival 2010 came online last week, we now have the video for Matt Mason“s keynote speech at the Incubate Pirate Conference, which took place on September 17. Expect videos of the panel following Matt Mason”s keynote speech to be online tomorrow.

    The Pirate Conference offered reflection on the comprehensive piracy-program of Incubate Festival and on the value of creation in society. What do artists think about the current state of issues?

    How can they best react to the current operation of copyright? What strategies, tactics and interventions can be used? How do we shape creativity and innovation as a society, and what could businesses learn from these tactics?

    Matt Mason, recently proclaimed Pirate of the Year by Week Bussines, gave the keynote speech. He earned this title as Men vi vil anta at dette er en tjeneste som tilbys etterhvert, er tross alt helt nytt. author of the book Piracy, which topped both Amazon’s economy and rap/hip hop bestseller lists. Mason was a DJ at a pirate radio station and a club

    in London, produced TV series, comics, videos and records, and his articles have appeared in

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    The Guardian, The Independent and Vice among others. In his book Mason shows how operating methods of various underground scenes and trends have become global industries over the past years.

    Expect more videos from Rob Scholte, Xavier Le Roy & Mårten Spångberg and Hank Shocklee online the coming days.

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    September 10th, 2010BarryInnovation

    On September 17, Matt

    Mason will

    give a keynote speech at the Incubate Pirate Conference at Midi Theater Tilburg. Like in his book The Pirate’s Dilemma, Mason can give an overview about different subcultures that have brought on the most innovative ideas in history.

    These ideas often have been adopted by businesses later on. The underground scenes that Mason describes often swam against the current or even acted illegally, but always because they strongly believed

    that the legal environment didn’t match reality. They often showed that business sectors could (and should) be developed further, beyond other people’s vision. These

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    pirates forced businesses to a difficult decision: ignoring new developments, or competing with the pirates.

    Read the intro and first chapter of Mason”s book at The Pirate”s Dilemma website. After that, make sure to buy a physical copy of the book and if you didn”t do so already: get yourself a ticket for the Incubate Pirate Conference. They

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    are Pay What You Want!

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    September 9th, 2010BarryConference

    Yesterday, Dutch blog EHPO (Eerste Hulp bij Plaatopnamen) posted an interview from Dutch musician/producer/blogger Pim van de Werken with Matt Mason. In the interview, the outlines of piracy are discussed; where does piracy stop and plagiarism start? How should the music industry compete with piracy? What does Matt Mason

    think should change in current copyright law? Also, the possible effect of the ACTA treaty is being discussed:

    What impact will the ACTA treaty have on piracy? If Internet Service Providers (ISP”s) have to filter content, what will be


    impact on piracy?
    “The impact on piracy will be negligible but the impact on our ideas about free speech and privacy will be very negative. You don”t win wars against piracy with new laws alone; you win them with market-based solutions. You win by finding a legal and beneficial way for society to permit that activity. But ACTA is happening whether we like it or not. No one who should be listening

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    to these ideas is listening.”

    Read the full post on EHPO. The blogpost is in Dutch, but the interview is in English. Want to hear more from Matt Mason? Come and visit his keynote speech at the Incubate Pirate Conference on September 17 in

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    Midi Theater, Tilburg. Tickets are for sale here and are Pay What You Want.

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    September 1st, 2010BarryInnovation

    Piracy in the arts is the overarching theme of Incubate 2010.

    This theme is visible throughout all different parts of the festival program and will be especially investigated at

    the Pirate Conference on Friday September 17. Tickets for the conference are sold seperately from the festival tickets through and you determine the ticket price. Arrr!

    Here”s an interesting talk we found on by Johanna Blakley. Blakley is the Deputy Director of the Norman Lear Center (a media-focused think tank at the University of Southern California) where she spends much of her time exploring the impact of intellectual property rights on innovation and the ownership of creative content. In this speech Johanna explains how the fashion industry actually benefits from the lack of copyrights in terms of not

    only creativity but, in the end, even sales as well. She therefore suggests that other creative industries should take an

    example from fashion by incorporating the fashion industry”s copyrightless way of working and then create their own model from there.

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    August 24th, 2010BarryInnovation

    We are more than pleased to announce that

    Roy van Dalm will moderate the panel after Charles Leadbeater”s keynote speech at De NWE Vorst on September 12. Roy van Dalm helps cities and regions define economic and cultural strategies. Through workshops, seminars and dialogue tables Roy guides city and regional authorities,

    cultural institutions and development boards in defining an authentic and competitive identity.

    Roy worked with the Richard Florida Creativity Group for 3 years. Currently he is working with Charles Landry on the roll out of an in-depth creativity index for cities. Roy van Dalm is a senior lecturer at HAN University of Applied Sciences, a research fellow of ARCCI and guest lecturer at over

    10 universities and academies.

    Roy”s knowledge is based on over 15 years of work as an economic research journalist. With a team of seven Roy van Dalm worked on profiling 80 European cities for the weekly Slimme Steden (Smart Cities) series in Het Financieele Dagblad – the leading Dutch economic newspaper. 50 cities were selected for the bestselling book Slimme Steden.

    The panel will consist of of experts from the fields of arts, economy and politics. Panelmembers are: Charles Leadbeater, Prof. dr. Wim van de Donk, Dick Rijken, Wout Withagen and Bas van Heur. You can get tickets for this event at the Incubate website (Dayticket Charles Leadbeater). Let us know you will be attending at LinkedIn.

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    August 23rd, 2010BarryInnovation


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rg/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/image3-630×420.png” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”333″ />After the success of his book The Pirate”s Dilemma, Matt Mason is of course talking all over the world about innovation in the cultural scene, youth cultures and how to compete with pirates. Here are some interesting videos on some of his talks, in preparation to his keynote speech at the Incubate Pirate Conference on September 17. First off, here”s a great promotional clip for his book, which is a great introduction in the subject of his book, if you haven”t read it yet:

Remember, you can still get a digital copy of the book via the Pirate”s Dilemma website, and you”re able to name your own price for it. Next a video of a speech Matt gave at the Deutscher Trendtag last year. In this presentation, he discusses the topics of his book. Entitled The Pirate’s Dilemma: How Youth Culture Is Reinventing Capitalism, he talks about how underground cultures have brought on the

most innovative ideas, which later often have been adopted by many businesses. He also explains how to compete with piracy, stating that it not only has negative effects but that pirates sometimes also create solutions that literally change people”s lives. Again, his conclusion is very clear and

clever: if you want to beat pirates, copy them:

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    August 6th, 2010BarryInnovation

    Piracy in the arts is the overarching theme

    of Incubate 2010. This theme is visible throughout all different parts of the festival program and will be

    especially investigated at the Pirate Conference on Friday September 17. Tickets

    for the conference are sold seperately from the festival tickets through and you determine the ticket price. Arrr!

    Charles Leadbeater will open Incubate 2010 with a keynote speech on Sunday September 12. Charles Leadbeater is a British author and former advisor to Tony Blair. His most recent book, We-think, explores the new phenomenon of mass creativity exemplified by web sites such as YouTube, Wikipedia and MySpace. Check out a brief overview of the basic ideas in this book in the clip below and after that see the man himself explain how the sharing of content and knowledge by plain people leads to bigger ideas and innovations than contemporary major companies are capable of.

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