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    July 27th, 2011BarryInnovation

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    “Over the last twenty years, audiences for museums, galleries, and performing arts institutions have decreased, and the audiences that remain are older and whiter than the overall population. Cultural institutions argue that their programs provide unique cultural and civic value, but increasingly people have turned to other sources for entertainment, learning, and dialogue. They share their artwork, music, and stories with each other on the Web. They participate in politics and volunteer in record numbers. They even read more. But they don’t attend museum exhibits and performances like they used to.”

    The text above is a statement from the preface of The Participatory Museum: a book/guide to working with community members and visitors for cultural institutions. All the more alarming is that the statement is actually based on research done by the National Endowment for the Arts on arts attendance in the United States. Nina Simon (also the principal of Museum 2.0) decided to write The Participatory Museum as a practical guide for museums and

    other cultural organizations to help them become more connected to and entwined with their community. As she continues in her preface:

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