Incubate Conference 2013 September 19 & 20, 2013 @ Hall of Fame, Tilburg NL

ank”>Jiggy Djé to share his thoughts on copyright/piracy and the re-usage of culture

at the Incubate Pirate Conference. Jiggy Djé will take seat in the panel following Matt Mason”s keynote speech on piracy in the arts. Other members of the panel are: Matt Mason, Martijn Arnoldus (Creative Commons Netherlands), Sander van de Wiel (Pictoright), and DJ /rupture. Atze de Vrieze (VPRO 3voor12) will moderate the panel.

Jiggy Djé is a Dutch rapper that started making hip hop in 1997. Together with DAC (De Amersfoortse Coöperatie) he released two albums: diDACtici in 2002 and Professioneel Chillen in 2005. In 2006, he won the public price at the Heineken Grand Prix, the oldest and most renowned Dutch music prize. The same year, Jiggy Djé released his debut album and founded his own record label; both titled Noah’s Ark. He signed artists like Hef, Önder and SpaceKees to this label. Follow Jiggy Djé on Twitter.

Tickets for the Pirate Conference can be bought trough the Pay What You Want principle. Through and visitors can indicate how many tickets they want to buy and what total amount of money

they would like to pay for them. The payment can then be made via Paypal or bank transfer. The Pay What You Want principle is not applicable to the normal day tickets and passepartouts of Incubate. Incubate tickets can be bought through the Incubate website.

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