Incubate Conference 2013 September 19 & 20, 2013 @ Hall of Fame, Tilburg NL
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    October 18th, 2011BarryConference

    We can”t thank our good friend Michael Azerrad enough. His keynote speech at this years conference was inspiring to say the least. Probably the most talked-about, after the succesfull conference. Now you can watch it as well. In our best fashion, here”s

    Michael Azerrad. Don”t forget to buy his book!

    (NB: We apologize for the small audio hiccup between 8:00 and 10:30 minutes)

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    September 7th, 2011BarryConference

    Dan Deacon

    Michael Azerrad“s Our Band Could Be Your Life was issued ten years ago, and it”s an account of American indie- and underground bands mainly during the eighties. The bands described in the book (the likes of Black Flag, Minor Threat, Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr.) never really found mainstream success, but did have a very important role in the foundations of American indie rock.

    Next week, Michael Azerrad will share the insights he gained while writing the book in his keynote at the Incubate DIY Conference. We”ll also have (amongst others) the Dutch premiere of the documentary PressPausePlay, a film on hope, fear and digital culture, an interview with DIY- and punk legend Steve Ignorant and a lecture and performance by artist Bill Drummond. Check out the full program here. Tickets are Pay What You Want and are available here.

    The Village Voice has a great article on young, contemporary bands and the influence the book had on them. In

    the article, Dan Deacon (who did an amazing show at Incubate last year), Ted Leo and Wye Oak”s Jenn Wasner describe when they read

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    the book and the effect it had on them. Here”s a great account Dan Deacon told The Village Voice:

    “I had $450 to my name and I used it to buy a 30 day bus ticket to finish the last 25 shows of the tour. That Playing games in the online casinos can bring you a lot of money, but you may also lose the same amount. book kept me going through some really rough times and helped to keep me grounded. Every time I started to freak out about being alone in a part of the country I had never been–with no cell phone, no email, no credit card, no money and no ID–reading that book helped to remind me of pioneers of the scene and the shit they went through.”

    “I had pre-bought all my food for the tour to save money–one can or corn, one can of beans, two rice cakes and two servings of peanut butter for each day–and that”s what I lived on. I had to carry that shit on my back

    while lugging my 150 pounds of gear with me from bus station to bus station, and I did it with a smile on my face thinking about the rotten and moldy apples Black Flag, a band I had never even knowingly heard, ate while they were on tour. The book means a lot to me. I think if I hadn”t been reading that book when the car broke down I would of just taken a bus straight home and might not of toured again.”

    Read the full story here. We”ll see you next week at the DIY Conference!

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    September 2nd, 2011BarryConference

    (This blogpost is in Dutch, because the article it refers to is also in Dutch).

    Precies twintig jaar geleden kwam het album Nevermind van Nirvana uit, volgens zowel de makers van OOR als de lezers het beste album van de afgelopen veertig jaar. Daarom besteedt het blad de komende editie (14 september in de winkel) uitgebreide aandacht aan het album met een tien pagina’s tellende special.

    Daarin is ook een interview met Michael Azerrad, de keynote spreker op de Incubate DIY Conference te vinden. Azerrad schreef onder

    andere Come As You Are, door velen gezien als de officiële biografie van de band en waarvoor de schrijver maandenlang optrok met de bandleden en andere betrokkenen. Daarnaast produceerde hij de film Kurt Cobain: About A Son om zijn beeld van de band en Kurt Cobain weer te geven.

    Op vrijdag 16 september spreekt Michael Azerrad over zijn boek Our Band Could Be Your Life, over de opkomst van de Amerikaanse punk- en indierock in de jaren “80. Het boek beschrijft de verhalen van bands als Black Flag, Sonic Youth, Minor Threat en Hüsker Dü. Tickets voor de conferentie zijn Pay What You

    Want en hier te verkrijgen. Het hele programma van de conferentie vind je hier.

    Het interview met Michael Azerrad is alvast online verschenen op de site van OOR, als voorproefje voor de special en DIY Conference. Het hele interview lees je hier. Hieronder een onderdeel ervan:

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    August 15th, 2011BarryConference

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    At the Incubate DIY Conference, we’re very honored to have Michael Azerrad talk about his highly influential and great book Our Band Could Be Your Life. The book describes the scene of (mainly ‘80s) American underground bands like Black Flag, Minutemen and Sonic Youth

    who, while finding relatively little mainstream success, did have an establishing role in American alternative

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    and indie rock.

    The book was published ten years ago, and was named one of the 50 best music books even written by The Guardian. At the DIY Conference, Michael will share the insights he gained while interviewing the bands and writing the book.

    In the video below, Azerrad is interviewed about the background of

    the book. We especially like the introduction where Michael tells about why he wrote the book:

    “I was watching a rock documentary one evening, and it was the history of punk. They got up to Talking Heads and then suddenly the action skipped to Nirvana. I thought perhaps I had blacked out for ten minutes and missed the part about Black Flag and The Minutemen and The Replacements, Sonic Dette betyr ikke at det er desorienterende, ettersom det finnes klare favoritter – men har du spesifikke onsker eller interesser her, vil nok disse lett kunne bli dekt! Pa nettet finner du heller ikke kun de du ble kjent med. Youth, all those bands between Talking Heads and Nirvana. But no, I had not in fact blacked out. They just had skipped over an entire decade of punk rock, very influential music that led up to Nirvana. I had done a book about Nirvana and I just felt like someone needed to tell that backstory. It was completely ignored. This whole generation of music that was so great and a community and a scene so thriving and so inspiring had just been crossed over by the history books.

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    And I decided someone should do something about that. So, in typical DIY-spirit I said: I will do something about it. I started on that book and wrote Our Band Could Be Your Life.”

    Watch the complete interview below and make sure to catch Michael Azerrad’s talk at the DIY Conference. Pay What You Want tickets are available here. Check this page for the complete program.

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    July 19th, 2011BarryConference
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    July 14th, 2011BarryConference

    On Friday September 16, Incubate will organize the DIY Conference. The conference displays the development and ethics of DIY culture with lectures, interviews, film, panels and stands. Renowned speakers and artists within DIY culture, such as Michael Azerrad, Bill Drummond and Steve Ignorant will participate in the program. Through the Pay What You Want-principle, visitors can determine the value of the conference for themselves.

    The Incubate DIY Conference will take place on September 16 at the Midi Theatre in Tilburg. It is part of the main theme of the festival this year: We Are Incubate, about the artistic practice, DIY ethics and audience participation in independent culture. The conference offers reflection on the extensive program of the festival.

    The keynote speech will be given by Michael Azerrad, author of Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana (for which he is seen as the definitive Nirvana biographer) and Our Band Could Be Your Life: Scenes from the American Indie Underground. He was a contributing editor for Rolling Stone and he has written features for amongst others New York Times and Mojo. Our Band Could Be Your Life describes American underground bands such as Black Flag, Sonic Youth and Hüsker Dü who, while finding relatively little mainstream success, did have an establishing role in American alternative and indie rock. The book was named one of the 50 best music books even written by The Guardian. At the Incubate DIY Conference, Michael will share the insights he gained while interviewing the bands and writing the book. (Photo: Getty)

    Bill Drummond is best known as co-founder of late 1980s hit group The KLF and its 1990s “avant-art” media-manipulating successor, the K Foundation. With The KLF, Drummond scored multiple Number 1

    hits and wrote “The Manual”, a book on how to write a Number 1 hit. The K Foundation is notorious for burning a million pounds in 1994. At the conference, Bill Drummond will give a lecture as well as perform his latest work The17. It is a reaction to pre-recorded music, where an ad hoc choir, consisting of the visitors of the conference, will sing one of Drummond’s works. The performance will take place just once at the conference. (Photo: Lucy Johnston)

    English punk legend Steve Ignorant will be interviewed by writer and BBC commentator John Robb. With his band Crass, Ignorant was one of the driving forces of the DIY movement. Crass was one of the first bands to arrange their record sales and concerts without interference from the music industry and asked fans to make their own merchandise. John Robb writes for The Observer, The Guardian and The Independent and will interview Ignorant about DIY, Crass’ and Ignorant’s ethics and his autobiography The Rest is Propaganda.

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