Incubate Conference 2013 September 19 & 20, 2013 @ Hall of Fame, Tilburg NL
  • Program & People 2012


    The Incubate DIY Conference 2012 will take place on Friday September 14 & 15 at De NWE Vorst in Tilburg. Besides providing a lot of kicks during the festival, Incubate also offers contemplation with our DIY Conference. Here is the program up until now. Pay What You Want-tickets to the DIY Conference are available here.

    FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 (12:00 – 16:15):

    DIY: an update with Simon Reynolds

    Simon Reynolds is a British music critic currently living in Los Angeles. He is author of the books Rip It Up and Start Again: Post Punk 1978-1984 and Energy Flash: A Journey Through Rave Music and Dance Culture. In 2011, Reynolds published the much-discussed book Retromania, about pop culture’s addiction to its own past. As a freelance journalist since the late Eighties he has contributed to magazines such as The New York Times, Spin, The Guardian, The Wire, Mojo, Slate, and Frieze. He also maintains a number of blogs centered around his primary online outlet, Blissblog.

    Reynolds will kick off the Incubate DIY Conference with a keynote speech on the context and background of Do It Yourself in pop culture. He will not look at the origins in history alone, but also to the present and beyond: is there still such a thing as a ‘DIY-movement’, and what is the importance of it in our current times? What future developments can we expect on this topic according to Reynolds?

    Mark Fisher: Capitalism, Is There No Alternative?

    In his book Capitalist Realism, Mark Fisher surveys the symptoms of our current cultural malaise. After 1989, capitalism has successfully presented itself as the only realistic political-economic system. We live in a world in which we have been told, again and again, that There Is No Alternative. Using examples from politics, films, fiction, work and education, he argues that capitalist realism colours all areas of contemporary experience, while even holding out the prospect of an antidote.

    “Let’s not beat around the bush: Fisher’s compulsively readable book is simply the best diagnosis of our predicament that we have! Through examples from daily life and popular culture, but without sacrificing theoretical stringency, he provides a ruthless portrait of our ideological misery. Although the book is written from a radically Left perspective, Fisher offers no easy solutions. Capitalist Realism is a sobering call for patient theoretical and political work. It enables us to breathe freely in our sticky atmosphere.” – Slavoj Zizek

    The Biggest Band in the World: a Q&A with Damo Suzuki (ex-Can)

    Damo Suzuki is the former singer of one of the most influential bands of the last century: Can. In 1983, the krautrockpioneer started the Damo Suzuki Network, later to become the biggest band on earth. The Damo Suzuki Network settles in Tilburg to play three shows in three days in three unique formations. Everyone can join, from visitors to international musicians, and amongst them are Greg Haines, Cian Nugent and Mi Ami. At the DIY Conference, Suzuki will be interviewed by Ian Harrison from MOJO Magazine about the origins of and thoughts behind this project. Of course, you’re welcome to come and ask him some questions yourself.

    Annette Dölle: How to change an Individual Dream into a Collective Act

    Imagine, you wish your country is totally clean. No garbage on the streets or in nature. But everything is in the right place. One year later, on the 3th of May 2008, your dream comes true. 50.000 people helped, and tons of garbage was gone. And done in only one single day! This happened to Rainer Nolvak in Estonia. In a grass root initiative, without working with money, this all came true.

    Now, 4 years later many more countries copied the CleanUp and made it happen. Even better, they decided to clean the whole world in 2012! 94 countries are in.

    The biggest clean up day ever in the Netherlands will take place September 21, just a week after Incubate. Annette Dölle is initiator at Keep It Clean Day! On the 21st of September the country will be cleaned from all litter and trash. And best even: you can help make it happen! The idea is simple: when you’re taking a walk in the park or strolling around the city, just pick up some of the trash you see laying around and throw it in a bin. Groups of people will clean nature as well as residential areas. Annette will speak about the process of organizing this massive clean up, about obstacles, culture issues, how to activate people and getting them enthusiastic to take part in it.

    How internet changes the way Western and non-Western artists collaborate (panel)

    Powered by Hivos. This year at Incubate, we will connect some of the most renowned producers and artists of the moment with non-Western musicians. Amongst them are the Canadian D’Eon who will work with the Indian sufi singer Runa Rizvi and UK producer Kelpe who will collaborate with Shreyas Dave, an Indian classical flute player. Now that the internet has made the whole history of (Western) music and culture available for everyone, and we’re all just one click away from connecting with others, how does this influence the way Western and non-Western artists collaborate?

    Does the internet really empower the non-Western music and culture, and does it create new opportunities for the artists, or does it break down their traditional culture, getting more and more mixed with Western influences? Is it finally time to do away with the old ‘world music’-genre? And in terms of copyright: what do both camps think about the sampling and reusing of musical material, also when it concerns their own music? Together with Hivos, the Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation, we will invite some of the participating artists to share their view on these topics during the DIY Conference. Jaïr Tchong from MCN wil moderate.

    The Avant Garde is Only Good If You Can Fuck, Dance or Take Drugs To It (panel)

    Hosted by The Quietus. The avant garde is no good unless you can drink, fuck or dance to it. Well, it’s probably ok if you can drug, carry out ritual magick or garden to it as well but you catch our drift. We ask a panel of esteemed writers, drinkers, fuckers and dancers (and druggists, ritual magicians and gardeners) what use is music when it is stripped of all of it’s functionality, when it’s sole purpose is to provide raw material for contemporary thinkers and critical theorists and their closed circuit ruminations. We’ve tried dancing to My Cat Is An Alien. We’ve tried fucking to Derek Bailey. We’ve tried drinking to Merzbow. And we’re here to say – we just won’t take it any more. The panel is hosted by Luke Turner of the Quietus and features Simon Reynolds, who is also doing a keynote speech earlier this day, Aidan Moffat (ex-Arab Strap) and Hajo Doorn (WORM; institute for avantgardistic recreation).

    The amateur vs. the professional: visual arts, Open Source and the curator’s role in 2012 (panel)

    The conventional structure of ‘gatekeepers’, who determine what the public gets to see seems to shift to that of synergy between the artists and their audience. This results in a fading separation between professional and amateur artists. With this idea Incubate organized the Open Source Expo. The concept is simple: artists apply with two to five artworks, the curator chooses one artwork and composes an exhibition with all these works. Everyone joins in, nobody gets excluded. With over 300 participants in 2012, you would think it’s a successful concept. But there is also criticism. Why would an artist send in work for free? Why would a professional artist want to exhibit their work next to an amateur? What is the role of the curator in an exhibition without a strict contextual framework?

    Chairing the panel is Miriam van Ommeren, art historian and editor-in-chief at cultural magazine De Optimist. She is also associated with the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and Nyenrode New Business School. Joining in the discussion is Carlien Oudes, artistic director of Zomerexpo. The Zomerexpo is a national exposition held in Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, with open subscription and jury selection of submitted works that are exhibited anonymous. Also taking seat are the Center for Creative Activism, who will also organise a masterclass at the conference,; a contemporary artblog that also organizes ‘I Want To Believe’, a performance evening during Incubate and Niek Hendrix; a young visual artist from Tilburg who runs the artblog Lost Painters.

    DIY, independence… Do You Even Care? (panel)

    Hosted by Gonzo (circus). This year’s theme of Incubate festival is You Are Incubate. And in this talk, you are the panel! Gonzo (circus), an independent magazine based in Holland as well as Belgium is host to a discussion about DIY and independence; what exactly are the differences? And when does an event lose its DIY-character; when it receives governmental funding, when it collaborates with commercial sponsors?

    But most importantly: do you, the audience even care about these topics? Do these words create meaning and value when it comes to culture? Let us know your thoughts in a panel where the Incubate-audience and readers from Gonzo will take the stage as well, next to Leonor Jonker and Sjoerd Stolk, booker at OCCII Amsterdam.

    It’s The End of the Web As We Know It; Speakersprogram hosted by Freshheads

    Freshheads, who has been aiding Incubate with their digital appearances for years, will host it’s own program with guest speakers (including Somehow, LewisPR, Zorgvoorelkaar and Douw&Koren) that focus on the specialty of Freshheads: new internet and digital developments.

    Program Friday, September 14:

    12:00 – 13:00: Freshheads – It’s the end of the web as we know it
    The internet is changing constantly, there is no time to sit down and enjoy what you have achieved so far. You have to keep up, if not, you’re hopelessly lost. We will share our vision and knowhow how to keep up. Wout Withagen is CEO at Freshheads agency for concept, de design and development of online applications and proud sponsor of Incubate.

    13:45 – 14:45: Lewis PR – You are the media; why artists have to become creators of media
    Media and culture are indissolubly connected; where artists create their forms of art, media are responsible for these creations finding and reaching their audience. For years this process was pretty straight forward, but in a digital age leveraging media has become more complex. Lines between owned, paid and earned media are blurred. This calls for other means to reach audiences, in which artists are becoming creators of media and are directly responsible for reaching their audiences themselves. Jurriaan de Reu is Head of Creative & Digital at Lewis PR, an agency specialised in (online) PR and digital content creation.

    15:15 – 16:15: I-nspire / – How the DIY mentality of social entrepreneurs changes the world
    All over the world, social entrepreneurs are combining their entrepreneurial drive and skills to create a positive impact on our planet and the people living on it. Whether it is in healthcare, international development, pollution or global warming: social entrepreneurs on all continents are taking charge and are creating a positive impact. Join this session and get i-nspired to start making your own impact! Mathijs Huis in ‘t Veld (1980) is co-founder of I-nspire Foundation and By combining doing good with doing business, sustainable solutions can be created that have a significant impact on our society.

    Masterclass Center for Artistic Activism

    The Center for Artistic Activism is Steve Lambert and Stephen Duncombe. You might know Steve Lambert from ‘The New York Times Special Edition’, where he recreated an edition of NY Times, but containing only good news. Sociologist Stephen Dumcombe teaches the history and politics of media in New York. During their masterclass, they will discuss the praxis of visual arts and the long tradition of civil disobedience within the arts. With the participants, they will work on creating a magazine with stories, thoughts, ideas, tips, tactics and other text/images that will originate that day. This magazine will be printed in a limited edition of 300.

    We only have limited space available in these masterclasses and for professional artists only. If you want to be part of one of them, please send an email to stating your name, which masterclass you’d like to attend and why, and we’ll get back to you asap.


    SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15 (12:00 – 16:15):

    Robert Levine: How Digital Parasites are Destroying the Culture Business, and How the Culture Business Can Fight Back

    Robert Levine is the author of Free Ride: How Digital Parasites are Destroying the Culture Business, and How the Culture Business Can Fight Back, which the New York Times Book Review called “a book that should change the debate about the future of culture.” The book, his first, was also praised by Businessweek, Fortune, and the Financial Times.

    Robert Levine has been covering pop culture, technology and the awkward dance between them for 15 years. Most recently, he was the executive editor of Billboard, charged with running the influential music business trade magazine. He has also been a features editor at New York magazine and Wired.

    His writing has appeared in Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, and the New York Times. He has offered commentary on the media business for CNN, CNBC, and VH-1, and spoken at the World Copyright Summit and the CMJ music conference. He now covers the culture business from New York and Berlin.

    The Guerilla Filmmakers Guide with Chris Jones

    Chris Jones is a British filmmaker and co-author of The Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook, a bestselling low-budget filmmaker’s bible seen as an essential guide to independent filmmaking. Having interviewed hundreds of film industry insiders, the book present different case studies of international low-budget successes like The Blair Witch Project, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Shaun of the Dead and Saw. ‘This book will save you about five years worth of trials, errors, heartbreaks, and unpleasant credit card statements… It really doesn’t get much better than this.’ – Total Film Magazine

    Chris Jones owns his own film company and recently directed the Oscars shortlisted film Gone Fishing, which won over 40 international film festivals. At the DIY Conference, Jones will give an outline for DIY and Guerilla filmmaking. He’ll share tips, best practices as well as inspiring examples from The Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook.

    Roy Wilkinson: Rock reportage in the 21st century – the printing press versus the dastardly disfigurements of the internet

    Hosted by Louder Than War and Incendiary magazine. Journalist Roy Wilkinson will start proceedings with a reading from his book Do It For Your Mum, an acclaimed account of family life, rock music and forestry and the first publication from Rough Trade Books (The Guardian: “The year’s finest memoir”). This will swiftly lead into a panel discussion on the current relationship between music and the written word – websites, books, magazines, hand-détourned serviettes – with Roy, John Doran of the Quietus website and John Robb of The Membranes and the Louder Than War website. The talk will be hosted by Richard Foster of website, with live flute (and conversation) from musician and BBC documentary maker Clare Tavernor. Expect lively debate on whether the internet is murdering mags and music as we have known them, plus psychotropic dreams of Ruud Gullit, the Haldern Bulb Riot and the good old days when you could see Eddie & The Hotrods at Central London Polytechnic for £1.20.

    Jasper Visser: The Museum of the Future

    Jasper Visser is a digital strategist, public speaker and co-founder of Inspired by Coffee. His career is aimed at innovation in the cultural field, focusing on the opportunities of new media, technology and innovative business models. Jasper is constantly looking for new ways to engage people with culture, society and each other.

    Jasper has worked on a wide variety of projects, most notably at the Museum of National History in the Netherlands with digital and participatory projects. He blogs at and at the DIY Conference, Jasper will discuss the future of the museum, even going fast-forward to as far as 2022. What role will museums fulfill in our society, together with innovation and technology? Jasper will illustrate his talk with different case studies and examples he has gathered throughout the cultural practice.

    What’s Wrong with Selling Out? (panel)

    Hosted by The Quietus. Without a doubt you’ve ended up having this discussion before as well, most probably late in the evening with some friends. This panel is about artists working with huge promoters and brands etc. Is the artist responsible for checking where their money comes from? A reunited Refused recently played at the massive Coachella festival: “Capitalism is indeed organized crime and we’re all the victims.”

    Is it OK so long as bands are using the money for good ends? Is it simply the only way for artists to make money these days? Is this difficult time for music the end of selling out? Why not take money from big business if you’re using it for good ends? We’re taking the discussion out of the bar and onto the stage. Taking seat in the panel are John Robb, Mats Gustafsson, Luke Turner (The Quietus) and Graeme Flegenheimer (publicity with a.o. GZA, Frank Ocean, Odd Future, Sacred Bones and Captured Tracks). The panel is hosted by Rory Gibb of the Quietus. Join us to let us know your perspective.

    Short films: the freedom to stay independent and radical? (panel)

    Incubate’s film program is rapidly growing, and for the first time, this year we are screening a lot of short films including the Long Night of Shorts on Saturday night. Taking place earlier that day, this panel will be a conversation about short film; the pros and cons of making short films and how there still is only a small stage (at least in Holland) for short film. The last years, short films have gained a lot of attention online, with sites for video distribution as well as various online short film festivals. But in the ‘real world’, short films do not make it to the cinema, with most of the available screening time still only reserved for feature films. In cinema, on television and on most film festivals: are short films underrated?

    Participating in the panel are Simone Bennett; a filmmaker/audiovisual artist. She makes short films, music videos, video art, photography under the name of Loneproductions in Amsterdam. Her films are in distribution of EYE and are shown internationally. Simon Ellis, who’s short films have received over fifty awards and have been presented at many film festivals worldwide. His BAFTA and European Academy Award nominated short film Soft won thirty-eight prizes including the jury prize for Best International Short at the Sundance Film Festival and Best Short Film at the BIFAs. And Kirsten Ruber, initiator and joint director of Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen that was founded in 2008. Go Short is the only and first international short film festival in the Netherlands. Tyche van Bommel moderates the panel; she is a presenter and interviewer in the field of art and culture.  She works mostly as a talkshowhost and leader of debates. She works for film festivals such as IFFR, IDFA and Cinekid. Next to that she does many public interviews.

    How To Run Your Record Label (panel)

    Always had the dream to start your own record label? Or just curious how some of your favorite labels are staying on top of their game? This panel’s where you need to be. Record labels Sacred Bones, Holy Roar, Reflections and Subroutine will discuss the ins and outs of setting up and running a label, plus the decisions they made along the way to keep ahead of the pack. How, why and when do tey sign their new artists, do they keep a steady eye on what’s hip at the new blogs, or do they focus more on their local scenes? Gé Huismans from Gonzo (circus) will moderate the panel.

    Do It Yourself, But Not Alone & The Importance of a Creative Approach to Entrepreneurship

    Jette Schneider works as an artistic manager and concept developer for practicing artists. Together with the artists she conceives flexible work models that support artistic development and reconsiders existing institutional frameworks. In her presentation, Jette will elaborate on her experiences of bringing together a multitude of actors to set up an open work environment for independent artists. The to-be constructed Network For Choreography & Related Arts is a learning environment for and by engaged artists. The network is flexible, accessible, bottom-up developed and horizontally organized.

    If we want to create new potentials, we have to do it ourselves, but not alone. The urge to find solutions to the upcoming times of political and social changes is high. Where are interesting initiatives rising? And how can we break with barriers that hold us to conventional ways of supporting the independent artist? The DIY aspect will be addressed out of a practice-based perspective on how to create new potentials for creativity, innovation and the artist’s independency. Ola Maciejewska (dance & performance artist), will enrich the spoken words with a translation to a practical experience for all participants.

    New Kids on the Blog (panel)

    Who exactly are those kids blogging so enthusiastic about all that great new music? We decided it’s time to get some of those bloggers, who normally only speak to each other in digital surroundings, together at the table to ask them about the ins and outs of running a blog. How do they determine their news selection? How do they feel about copying from other sites like Pitchfork, Stereogum etcetera and how do they distinguish themselves from others? Are the blogs truly independent, and does that even matter for their audience? And what exactly is the definition of a blog these days? Joining in are The 405, KindaMuzik, No Fear of Pop and DJ Broadcast. The panel is moderated by Jasper van den Dobbelsteen (a.o. 013, Into The Great Wide Open).

    It’s The End of the Web As We Know It; Speakersprogram hosted by Freshheads

    Freshheads, who has been aiding Incubate with their digital appearances for years, will host it’s own program with guest speakers (including Somehow, LewisPR, Zorgvoorelkaar and Douw&Koren) that focus on the specialty of Freshheads: new internet and digital developments.

    Program Saturday, September 15:

    13:45 – 14:45: Somehow – Hoe design innovation je leven leuker maakt
    In hoog tempo verbindt het web apparaten en diensten aan elkaar. Deze versnelling geeft toegang tot een ongelofelijk hoeveelheid data. Hoe kan een eenvoudige oplossing je gezonder laten leven, beter laten slapen of meer in contact brengen met je vrienden? Wilbert Baan en Marco van Heerde zijn gefascineerd hoe mobiele technologie het leven van mensen werkelijk kan veranderen. Om hier vorm aan te geven zijn ze Somehow gestart. Marco en Wilbert laten zien welke data je over jezelf kunt verzamelen en wat de mogelijkheden hier mee zijn.

    15:15 – 16:15: Freshheads – DIY: The internet of things
    Within 5 years every object in your house is connected to the internet. Ever seen the movie Minority Report? The internet of things is coming and you’ll better be ready. I will share some insights on how to hack in and build around it. Evert is an Interaction Designer at Freshheads, an agency for concept, design and development of online applications. When designing Evert assumes the role of its (future) user while using the brand’s identity as framework.

    Masterclass Santiago Sierra

    Santiago Sierra is one of the most discussed artists in recent years. Sierra’s work intervenes into structures of power that operate in our everyday existence, exposing situations of exploitation and marginalization. Sierra will also perform the latest installment of his ‘The Destroyed Word’ saga at Incubate 2012. In his masterclass, Sierra will discuss ethical considerations artists have to make in their practice, as well as the artist’s role in modern society. Participants in the masterclass will be asked to come up with a plan or project for Incubate 2013. The artistic team of Incubate will select a maximum of 3 projects for the festival next year.

    We only have limited space available in these masterclasses and for professional artists only. If you want to be part of one of them, please send an email to stating your name, which masterclass you’d like to attend and why, and we’ll get back to you asap.


    Pay What You Want-tickets to the DIY Conference are available here.

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