Incubate Conference 2013 September 19 & 20, 2013 @ Hall of Fame, Tilburg NL


Here”s a great article you might be interested in reading. It”s about the development the Web and New Media strategy for the Smithsonian Museums. The strategy was set up in co-creation with a large part of the community and in an open source environment on

a wiki. The Smithsonian also used Twitter and YouTube, organised a 2.0 conference (Keynote speakers were Bran

Ferren of Applied Minds, Inc.; author Clay Shirky; George Oates, founder of the Flickr Commons; and Chris Anderson, author and Editor-in-Chief of Wired) and workshops.

The article gives a good runthrough on the importance of a good (online) strategy, and the benefits of the open process is was created in. The article can be read here. The whole text is licensed under Creative Commons: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives. The wiki where the online strategy was formulated can be found here on wikispaces.

“The strategy talks about an updated digital experience, a new learning model that helps people with their “lifelong learning journeys,” and the creation of the Smithsonian Commons  – ” a new part of our digital presence dedicated to stimulating learning, creation, and innovation through open access to Smithsonian research, collections and communities.”

“Good strategy helps you prioritize tactical decision making. Today, a teenage intern can harness more technology and reach a

larger audience with free cloud-based applications and a little moxie than an army of Unix system administrators could ten years ago. It”s easier to do stuff now, and that makes choosing what you do, and what you don”t do, even more important. Organizations without good strategies tend to pursue disconnected opportunities – short-term successes  –  that give the illusion of progress, but which aren”t aligned along a strategic path and don”t add up to much in the long run. This is like a junk food diet that feels satisfying at the time but leaves you hungry 30 minutes later
and gives you long-term health problems.”

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    December 16th, 2010BarryConference

    p>We just

    posted the results of our Pay What You Want (PWYW) Pirate Conference on our Social Festival Model. Since aplying the PWYW

    principle, we”ve also been getting some questions about how we did this, so we decided to put up a faq as well. Read the full post right here. If you have any questions, or if you”re interested in some

    additional info, please leave a comment on the post at the Social Festival Model.

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    September 29th, 2010BarryConference

    After the videos of Charles Leadbeater at Incubate Festival 2010 and Matt Mason”s keynote at the Incubate Pirate Conference, here is the video for the panel discussion following Matt Mason”s keynote speech at the Incubate Pirate Conference.

    The Pirate Conference offered reflection on the comprehensive piracy-program of Incubate Festival and on the value of creation in society. What do artists think about the current state of issues? How can they best react to the current operation of copyright? What strategies,

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    tactics and interventions can be used? How do

    we shape creativity and innovation as a society, and what could businesses learn from these tactics?

    2nd part of the panel discussion after this break –> Read the rest of this entry »

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    September 28th, 2010erikConference

    ptaccess” value=”always” />

    After the videos of Charles Leadbeater at Incubate Festival 2010 came online last week, we now have the video for Matt Mason“s keynote speech at the Incubate Pirate Conference, which took place on September 17. Expect videos of the panel following Matt Mason”s keynote speech to be online tomorrow.

    The Pirate Conference offered reflection on the comprehensive piracy-program of Incubate Festival and on the value of creation in society. What do artists think about the current state of issues?

    How can they best react to the current operation of copyright? What strategies, tactics and interventions can be used? How do we shape creativity and innovation as a society, and what could businesses learn from these tactics?

    Matt Mason, recently proclaimed Pirate of the Year by Week Bussines, gave the keynote speech. He earned this title as Men vi vil anta at dette er en tjeneste som tilbys etterhvert, er tross alt helt nytt. author of the book Piracy, which topped both Amazon’s economy and rap/hip hop bestseller lists. Mason was a DJ at a pirate radio station and a club

    in London, produced TV series, comics, videos and records, and his articles have appeared in

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    The Guardian, The Independent and Vice among others. In his book Mason shows how operating methods of various underground scenes and trends have become global industries over the past years.

    Expect more videos from Rob Scholte, Xavier Le Roy & Mårten Spångberg and Hank Shocklee online the coming days.

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    September 24th, 2010BarryInnovation


    On September 12, Charles Leadbeater opened

    the Incubate festival week with a lecture on social innovation and the role the arts can play in this process. What’s the role of a changing arts practice in a changing society? Watch Charles Leadbeater”s innovation lecture above.

    Charles Leadbeater is a

    leading authority on innovation and creativity. He is Tony

    Blair”s favorite corporate thinker. He has advised companies, cities and governments on innovation strategy and drew on that experience in writing his latest book We-think: the power of mass creativity. This book charts the rise of mass, participative approaches to

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    innovation from science and open source software, to computer games and political campaigning.

    After Charles’ keynote lecture, a panel of experts from the fields of arts, economy and politics took place. The panelists in the discussion were Wim van de Donk,300-209 Dick Rijken, Bas van Heur and Wout Withagen. Roy van Dalm moderated the panel. Watch the panel discussion below.

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    September 18th, 2010BarryConference

    (Photo by Sebastiaan ter Burg)

    Yesterday”s Pirate Conference was a great success

    for the Incubate Festival; lots of visitors, press, and most importantly: very interesting and inspiring lectures and debate. We would like to thank all

    lecturers and panel members,  all visitors or people who told their friends they should come, the volunteers, and the people working for the conference. You made our day! Expect videos of the lectures coming up sometime this week. In the meanwhile, here is a report of the conference (in Dutch) that Saul van Stapele wrote in NRC Handelsblad today:
    Also read the articles that and Lost Painters wrote, and check out some photos Sebastiaan ter Burg made at the Pirate Conference.

    Here are some great tweets from the people that were at the conference:

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    September 16th, 2010BarryConference

    This blogpost is in Dutch, because the article it refers to is also in Dutch.

    Op de Incubate Pirate Conference leidt Atze de Vrieze (3voor12) morgen het panel na de keynote speech van Matt Mason. Op zijn blog plaatste Atze gisteren een mooi artikel over piraterij / voorbeschouwing van de conferentie. Lees hem hier in zijn geheel.

    “Feit is

    – daar ben ik van overtuigd – dat piraterij niet meer weg gaat. De hardnekkige pogingen van bestrijders doen denken aan een spelletje van drie lange jongens die de bal van een klein jongetje overgooien. Waarom het niet meer weg gaat? Omdat er technisch zoveel mogelijk is dat het niet te stoppen is. Maar vooral: omdat het helemaal te gek is. Dat moeten de meeste artiesten/muziekprofessionals ook zien. Zij zijn toch ook muziekliefhebbers? DJ /rupture zag het. De dj uit New York is vrijdag ook te gast in het panel na afloop van Matt Mason”s lezing. Rupture schreef in 2007 een ode aan Oink, een torrentcommunity die door politie en piraterijbestrijders uit

    de lucht

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    gehaald werd. Defending The Pig, naar het schattige varkentje uit het logo.”

    “Oink was inderdaad geweldig. Je kon er alles vinden wat je maar wilde, in gegarandeerd hoge kwaliteit. Die garantie ging zelfs zo ver dat het gratis te downloaden Radiohead-album In Rainbows, dat uit 160 kbps mp3″s bestond, er vanaf gegooid werd wegens slecht geluid. Rupture zegt er dit over: “Oink had everything by certain artists. Literally, everything. I searched for ‘DJ Rupture’ and found every release I’d ever done, from an obscure 7″ on a Swedish label to 320kpbs rips of my first 12″, self-released back in 1999. It was shocking. And reassuring. The big labels want music to equal money, but as much as anything else, music is memory, as priceless and worthless as memory. About a week after I shipped out orders of the first live CD-r Andy Moor & I did, it appeared on Oink. Someone who had purchased it directly from me turned around and posted it online, for free. I wasn’t mad, I was just more stunned by the reach and usefulness of the site.”

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    September 15th, 2010BarryConference

    Here”s a quick update on the panel following Matt Mason”s keynote speech at the Incubate Pirate Conference this Friday. Paul Keller will replace Martijn Arnoldus as Creative Commons panel member.

    Paul Keller is copyright and social media expert. He is the national project lead for Creative Commons Netherlands, and he coordinates Knowledgeland’s copyright activities through the project Images for the Future. Paul also runs the license framework for the European culture portal Finally, and just as excitingly, Paul is the project

    manager for Digital Pioneers.

    Outside Knowledgeland, Paul is a member of the iCommons board, an international organisation that strives for a free, open access culture, open software and open education.074-344

    Furthermore, Paul

    coordinates the contacts between Creative Commons and collective management organisations and is a member of the advice committee of Virtual Platform.

    Tickets for the Incubate Pirate Conference are still available but selling fast. Be

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    September 13th, 2010BarryInnovation

    This blogpost is in Dutch, because the article it refers to is also in Dutch.

    In de huidige editie van De Groene Amsterdammer is een interview te vinden met Matt Mason, de keynote spreker op de Incubate Pirate Conference op 17 september in Midi

    Theater Tilburg. Het artikel is getiteld “We zijn allemaal piraten” en gaat over de ontstaansgeschiedenis en ontwikkeling van piraterij. Het laat zien hoe ver piraterij is doorgedrongen in onze cultuur, en naar mening van Mason, niet meer

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    De vraag rest dan nog: hoe hiermee om te gaan? Het hele interview is te lezen op de site van De Groene Amsterdammer.

    “Een van die goede dingen is het land waar Mason nu woont: “Amerika is gesticht op een mentaliteit van

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    piraterij. Schijt aan de Engelse koning, we doen het hier op onze manier. Dat libertarisme zit nog steeds in de Amerikaanse cultuur. De term Yankee is afgeleid van het Nederlandse woord janke, dat piraat betekent – Europeanen noemden Amerikanen piraten omdat ze structureel internationale eigendomsrechten negeerden. Zoals China tegenwoordig Amerikaanse producten kopieert. Het is precies de manier waarop Amerika ooit zo snel industrialiseerde: door Europese auteursrechten te schenden.””

    “De jeugdcultuur was door de geschiedenis heen altijd een soort R&D-lab waar je op een betrouwbare manier verschillende denkwijzen kon uitproberen. Door de manier waarop jongeren het internet gebruiken, gaat dat niet meer: de een organiseert dansfeestjes in een loft in New York om zo het systeem te veranderen, anderen hacken de CIA en geven de aldus gevonden informatie door aan WikiLeaks. Tegelijkertijd

    zijn typische aspecten van de jeugdcultuur, zoals muziek en stijl, niet langer gebonden aan lokale en nationale grenzen omdat kwaadaardige marketeers zoals ik als gieren boven op de trends zitten. Reclamebureaus zijn altijd op zoek geweest naar betekenis in de cultuur, maar we zijn nog nooit zo meedogenloos geweest als nu. De pogingen van de grote merken om zich al zo vroeg mogelijk te associëren met een nieuwe trend leiden tot een zeker nihilisme. Hipsters zijn niet meer geïnteresseerd in het systeem veranderen, ze zeggen alleen maar: ik draag een merkloos T-shirt, man.”

    Tickets voor de Incubate Pirate Conference zijn te koop via deze site. Om de toegankelijkheid te waarborgen en om aan te sluiten bij het thema Piraterij, heeft het festival ervoor gekozen het Pay What You Want principe te hanteren. Hiermee beslist de bezoeker zelf wat de waarde is van de conferentie en een dergelijke maatschappelijke discussie.

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    September 10th, 2010BarryInnovation

    On September 17, Matt

    Mason will

    give a keynote speech at the Incubate Pirate Conference at Midi Theater Tilburg. Like in his book The Pirate’s Dilemma, Mason can give an overview about different subcultures that have brought on the most innovative ideas in history.

    cialis soft tabs quick delivery, no prescription

    These ideas often have been adopted by businesses later on. The underground scenes that Mason describes often swam against the current or even acted illegally, but always because they strongly believed

    that the legal environment didn’t match reality. They often showed that business sectors could (and should) be developed further, beyond other people’s vision. These

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    pirates forced businesses to a difficult decision: ignoring new developments, or competing with the pirates.

    Read the intro and first chapter of Mason”s book at The Pirate”s Dilemma website. After that, make sure to buy a physical copy of the book and if you didn”t do so already: get yourself a ticket for the Incubate Pirate Conference. They

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    are Pay What You Want!

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